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Packaging Papa offers Custom Printed Candy Boxes that will make your candies stand out. Choose from a wide selection of designs and colors to match your event, store, or candy brand.

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Custom Candy Display Boxes Wholesale Printing

PAPA Packaging has a variety of custom candy display boxes to choose from. You can choose from a range of shapes, sizes, and colors. Boxes are available in solid colors, assorted colors, translucent lidding film laminated to white-coated board, add-on printing, and custom sheds and bands for your packaging. PAPA Packaging also has a flexible approach when it comes to customization! A specific material is out of stock? No problem! We have multiple options so you can find the best fit for your product.

Custom Candy Display Boxes turn candy displays into a feast for the eyes. Our packaging designers are here to help you create your own unique customized candy boxes. Only at PAPA Packaging can you get 100% quality satisfaction with our ever-changing selection of designer paperboard, opaque plastic, metal foil, foiled paper, and color paperboard for custom chocolate boxes, custom tins, custom gift boxes, custom storage bins, and more. Mixing and matching materials are easy with PAPA Packaging.

Out-of-class printing: PAPA packaging is preferred because of its high-tech digital and offsets printing. We use modern techniques to ensure that all of our products are unmatched in terms of excellence.

Fastest Turnaround Time: We strive to meet deadlines. The time frame defined by our consumers is very important to us; therefore, our production team makes sure that every job is completed in a minimum of time.

Shipping Services: We offer free shipping services throughout the United States and Canada.

If you are looking for flashy candy box designs; PAPA Wrapping has many invigorating options for you. Our team of accomplished graphic designers can provide you with dazzling illustration choices. Simply communicate your specifications to our specialists and they will come up with designs to suit your preferences. Our free design services allow you to have different design ideas for custom candy display boxes without the cost of cutting and installation.

Go Green: We use recyclable substances in the manufacture of packaging boxes.
Customer Service Center Packaging PAPA supports its customers in every way possible. Our 24/7 online customer service center has qualified sales representatives to call to answer your questions regarding custom candy boxes.

Heart and flower-shaped Custom Candy Display Boxes are perfect for birthday and Christmas gifts. Boxes for candy can be customized in many interesting shapes and sizes to suit the need and the occasion. For different occasions, custom candy boxes add a tinge of vigor to the overall mood. Children’s candy boxes with Walt Disney characters and shapes make children happier. Confectionery companies use bright packaging boxes to improve their sales. Chocolate candies are popular with children and adults alike, marketers use excellent candy boxes to grab the attention of potential customers.

Custom candy boxes keep candy crunchy for a longer period and block entry of moisture and other spoilage factors. Also, chocolate, butter, and milk are the main ingredients used in candy, if the candies are placed without the boxes, they may crumble. So besides a presentation, custom cereal boxes play an important role in the safe storage of candy.

Custom Candy Display Packaging Boxes help many brands gain distinguished recognition. The mouthwatering candy wrapper makes candy a mouthwatering treat. Children’s candy boxes have flamboyant images and details to convince their target audience in an absolute way. A birthday present with a tempting candy box expresses your sincere feelings. Sweets are loved by everyone, so you can put them back in beautiful boxes on special holidays.

Whether you use these boxes for custom or business purposes, they will make a lasting impression. Bring out your creativity and design a candy box that means your message. Use accessories that add to the appeal of your Custom Candy Display Boxes. You can have thematic color combinations that match the shades of your candies. When designing a children’s candy box, keep the love of your children in mind.

Some popular styles available for your Display Boxes include:

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