Custom Printed Cosmetic Packaging Boxes

Our Cosmetic Packaging Boxes are produced utilizing lightweight, strong cardboard material that is recyclable. Combined with our custom printed boxes, you can create a Display Case with Fragrance in mind. Not only are the boxes able to attractively portray your brand, but they have an additional front face to showcase your products with our special interior partitions. Packaging Papa is the Leader when it comes to Packaging materials in USA.

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Innovative Custom Printed Cosmetic Packaging Boxes to Pack your Products

These retail display custom cosmetic boxes are made from the finest quality cardboard and you can print them in any color of your choice. The printing on these custom retail boxes adds a distinctly unique identity to the product inside the packaging box. Our designer custom printed cosmetic boxes come with a velvet lining inside that keeps your products safe from damage. You can fill your custom retail display boxes with watches, perfumes, soaps, lipsticks, lotions, and other merchandise products.

Define your Own Place in the Market

Our Rigid Cosmetic Packaging Boxes are qualified for use in make up, skincare, hair care, nail polish, fragrance, deodorant, and multiple other brands. Our Rigid cosmetic boxes are available in a vast number of shapes like oval, round, rectangular like the cosmetic packaging boxes with a flat or slightly elevated center panel that gives a great look to the items placed in it. The Rigid cosmetic packaging boxes are offered in various sizes ranging from small to extra large depending upon the volume they have to store. Few brands choose our carded cosmetic box for its smart compartments which perfectly hold the items along with making

Never Settle for Less & Get the Best Finishing For your Boxes

Our eco-friendly custom printed cosmetic boxes are made in accordance with European standards. The recycled material is not only environmentally friendly but also meets the highest quality standards. The result is robust, easy-assembling boxes in various sizes and shapes that reflect the unique character of your herbal cosmetic products.

The leading supplier of custom printed cosmetic packaging boxes in the world. In existence for over a decade, we have been assisting companies across the world to obtain industry-leading results with their box design and printing processes. Our wide selection of high-quality hang tab Custom Printed Cosmetic Packaging Boxes includes those with easy-open tab, coiled tab, magnetic tab, flat tab, sticker tab, and more.

We’re always there for you

If you are searching for a quality packer of customized printed cosmetic packaging boxes then, the Packaging Papa is the reliable one-stop-shop that can help fulfill your bulk orders with wholesale cosmetic boxes. We are always available to talk you through the process of getting your desired cosmetic boxes. Call us toll-free at +1 618-732-1855 or seek help through live chat at

Some popular styles available for your Cosmetic Boxes include:

Hair Straightener Packaging Boxes, Custom Printed Skin Care Oil Packaging Boxes, Essential Oil Packaging Boxes, Custom Printed Sanitizer Boxes, Custom Printed Essential Oil Boxes, and much more.