Custom Earring Packaging Boxes

Are you looking for perfect packaging for your jewelry business? If yes, then you are at the right place. We are a leading Wholesale Earring Boxes provider where you can find the finest Wholesale Earring Boxes with logos customized in your style and design. The Custom Printed Earring Packaging Boxes are specially made with quality material where you can place all kinds of jewelry including earrings.

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Custom Printed Earring Packaging Boxes with Packaging Papa

We offer all our standard jewelry boxes at an affordable price. All of them are custom printed with the customer’s own logo. From the plain, inexpensive black packaging boxes to the exquisite pink or white boxes with fancy embossments; you name it and we can do it at very competitive prices. We also produce other types of packaging boxes like DVD/CD boxes, game packs, etc. Apart from earrings boxes Packaging Papa offers other different jewelry box packaging like pendants, bracelets, brooch, bangles, cufflinks, tie clips, ear pins, and other jewelry. Our clients are spread across the globe

Custom Earring Packaging Boxes

The need to receive and retain jewelry in packaging has become imperative. Given the ease of receiving and insuring your treasured jewelry, we offer custom earring boxes in an array of vibrant colors. Measuring at 9″, the earring box has a clear design and can hold up to 16 pairs of earrings and studs. When you partner with packaging Papa, our expertise is to your advantage. To get more amazing and extended packaging, we provide a variety of finishes and shapes which include Custom Printed Earring Packaging Boxes:

There are other shapes and styles of Custom Boxes available include:

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