Flat Bottom Pouch Brown Kraft Paper

Are you looking for distinctive stand-up pouches with your own logo and text? They are available in almost any size and in your own laminate composition for the right protection of the product! From 10,000 pieces we print the pouches according to your wishes. Ask for a free quote!

We can make these pouches from different materials, so the barrier properties may differ.

Some applications: tea, protein powder, superfoods, nuts and seeds, herbs and spices, chocolate, candy, pet food, non-food, cannabis, etcetera.


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Flat Bottom Pouch Brown Kraft Paper

You’ve been searching for the right flat bottom pouch to sell your product, and we’ve got a bag that’s made just for you. Not only are our bags food-safe. They’re also sealable, making them perfect for a wide range of products ranging from dry goods to coffee! The tear notch on the top of the bag makes it easy for your customers to open, so they can get to your product faster.

The side gusset and block bottom make these bags super convenient by allowing them to stand on their own even when empty, which makes filling them a breeze—whether you’re doing it by hand or with an automatic filler! We have gone the extra mile with these bags to ensure that they look great and perform even better. We’ve tested them ourselves and know that they’re going to be everything you wanted in a bag.

This type of pouch is not very common in the market because it is a bit more expensive, but they do stand out. Many customers using this pouch have seen increased sales. These user-friendly stand-up pouches with a front zipper can be filled more easily because of their large filling opening. An advantage is that product cannot get into the zipper. All our pouches are of course 100% food safe. Packaging Papa has the largest stock of stand-up pouches in Europe. We can deliver directly or very quickly.

Safe For Packaging Of Food Items

All our pouches meet the European standard of the ‘General Food Law’ and are of course 100% food safe and BPA-free. The material used has good barrier properties. They protect the product optimally against standard external influences (light, UV, oxygen, and moisture) and keep the aromas inside. This directly benefits the quality of the product. The pouches have nylon inner layers, which makes them extremely strong! We only use top-quality raw materials for our pouches. All production facilities are certified.

Packaging Papa has the largest stock of stand-up pouches in the USA. This means that we can deliver directly or very quickly if your product is out of stock. These flat-bottomed stand-up pouches are available in several colors, with and without a (front) zipper, and in different sizes.

Store your dry products with confidence,

With our Flat Bottom Pouch Brown Kraft Paper, you can store your dry products with confidence, and make sure they’re easy to access when you need them. It’s so simple—just fill up the bag, seal it up, and tear it open when it’s time to use. What could be easier?

The best part about this bag is that not only does it feel good, but it’s made from natural materials that feel good too. No matter what your product is—whether it’s coffee beans or curry powder—you know you’ll be using something wholesome, healthy, and well-made.

Our bags are here to support you in all of your endeavors, from small household tasks to large-scale enterprises. Whatever you’re doing, we’ve got your back!